What happens when the deep dark secrets of past emotional and physical traumas resurface as physical manifestations like migraine headaches, undiagnosable fainting spells, chronic constipation, and even cancer? Body Talk NEVER Lies shares case histories detailing the mind-body connection after performing more than 60,000 therapies. Body Talk Never Lies is sure to leave an embossed memory with the reader just as do the subconscious events that haunt each of us – possibly one of the case reports shared will resonate with situations in your life!   


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What Health Professionals Are Saying About “Body Talk Never Lies...”

~ C. L. Holmes MD

Healthy regeneration is the best way to succeed. I happily and fully support Natalie Davis and her work regarding lymphatic draining and colon therapy, which I have experienced many times. I work in the field of Radiology and have diagnosed countless cases of varying types of cancer and disease and I don’t want to “go there”. Many health issues can be prevented, delayed and stopped by frequent internal cleansing.


~ Michael Ward, MD

The integration of mind, body and spirit into our daily lives is critical to living our lives to the fullest. There has been a quickening as we enter into a new way of being, not only in the workplace but also in our personal lives. All that seemed to be a given in the past is now being transformed. We can no longer expect to experience vitality and health through the traditional paradigms of thinking and doing, as we are in the process of an evolutionary shift in our lives. Traditional methods of healing are without question of critical importance. However, a parallel focus on body work allows for a fuller integration of the energy systems inherent and alive in all of us. Honoring the many facets of our being is not only encouraged but has become essential in leading life to its fullest.

Body Talk NEVER Lies

Body Talk NEVER Lies


  • List Author of Body Talk Never Lies... Natalie K.Y. Davis, CMT., DC Ed.
  • ISBN: 978-09826524-8-0