Dr Gloria Gilbere Ph.D. D.S.C., gives a very informative introduction to colon hydrotherapy, Natalie Davis's incredible professional expertise and her NEW book, "BODY TALK NEVER LIES"!

You will surely enjoy this enlightening presentation in a form of a conversation between a homeopathic doctor and a colon therapist who "have seen it all"!





Weight loss is one of its many positive side effects of colon cleanse series!

See what professionals have to say about this therapy!

I am delighted Natalie Davis has come forward with her valuable case of history stories. The cases she presents are touching and educational. They are bound to inspire beginning and experienced therapists alike. I commend them to you for reading and celebrate Natalie’s “tender touch.”
~ Nan White, PhD.


Understand the mind-body connection as it relates to :




“Every physician should realize that the intestinal toxemias are the most important primary and contributing causes of many disorders and diseases of the human body.”

Gastroenterologist Dr. Anthony Bassler

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The natural immune system can only be built up in a clean body, a body with a minimal amount of accumulated toxic material.

Colon therapy is a valuable procedure and treatment for a wide variety of different colon conditions.

A toxic bowel is the source of many health problems. By stripping down the old, toxic mucus lining of the bowel, we remove the number one source of disease in the body.

In addition, we open up the bowel to a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption, both of which are essential to any lasting health process.

This is also the first step toward normalizing the bowel so that the friendly bacteria will return to keep the colon safe from putrification and further autointoxication.

It is significant that surgeons and physicians are beginning to understand the importance of bowel care in the prevention of disease

Natalie Davis, D.C. Ed
IACT, Board Certified Therapist and Advanced Instructor with a Doctorate in Holistic Health Counseling and 25 years of professional service.

She has performed more than 60,000 therapies (colon and massage).


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Natalie Davis is a guest speaker at HealthyLife.net.